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Our Vision

Rare Breed Exotics is a small family of cats, dogs and humans. All of our animals are raised in a very rare, hands-on social environment. It is not uncommon to see exotic felines cuddling and sleeping with Wolfdogs and Tibetan Mastiffs in our home. We pride ourselves on breeding beautiful animals that grow up to make amazing, well socialized pets. 

We like to take the necessary time to properly place each animal in the best possible home we can find. We feel a responsibility to our animals to always do what is best for them, including being supportive of new families adopting from us. We understand that in life things may happen that can put a family in a bad situation to be a pet owner. Many time in the past 20 years we have helped with rescuing and re-homing, even for animals that did not originate with us. Above all else we are adamant pet lovers and want to help animals whenever we can. 

If you are interested in an exotic pet feel free to contact us for more information about our family, and to get on our mailing list for updates on upcoming litters and pets available. 

Buying a Puppy

We have one or two selectively bred litters of wolfdogs per year. Our puppy prices vary based on content, pairing and coloring and we offer a 10% discount for military servicemen. You can contact us at 707-888-2559 or stay in touch with us on Facebook to see if we have puppies available. 

Cove of Rare Breed Exotics
Jason & Kahleesi of Rare Breed Exotics


Buying a pet is a lifelong decision and we do our best to screen buyers based on such ideas and know that our buyers are sure of what they want ahead of time. We accept deposits by Paypal or wire transfer to hold your spot based on litters we are expecting and planned future breedings. Deposits are non-refundable. We are happy to transfer a deposit to a different litter as long as they buyer qualifies to purchase a puppy of that specific content. We are also happy to hold a deposit because we understand that life happens and sometimes our buyers might want to wait another year before they bring home their new companion. Unfortunately we cannot control Mother Nature and in the event that a specific breeding does not take, we do not offer refunds- your deposit will be in place and you will be notified at the next breeding, or we may choose to offer you a puppy from a different pairing if available. We do not offer refunds for buyers who change their mind about buying a puppy or decided that they will buy a puppy elsewhere after already placing a deposit with us because again, a puppy is a lifetime commitment, not something to be taken lightly. 


We can fly and hand deliver your puppy to most US states for an agreed upon fee. Shipping through United Airlines Cargo PetSafe Program can also be arranged to any major airport. The shipping fee is $800 and includes the flight, vet checkup and heath certificate, and a carrier of the appropriate size with and food and water dishes. For international shipping please contact us directly. We can also drive to hand deliver in California, Oregon and Nevada. 

Savannah Cat at Rare Breed Exotics



Bekki, New Tonawanda, NY

The amount of love and care given to their fur family is quite obvious and hard to find in this decade. Thank you Rare Breed!


Nathan, Ocean Ridge, FL

If you are looking for a new pup I'm telling you this is the right place to look! Very professional and legit. I highly recommend you get one of these pups!


Ryan, Pleasant Hill, Ca

It was obvious to me that they cared about these animals and were very knowledgeable in the care and health of these little guys.

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